What is a Dome Ceiling?


A dome ceiling is an elegant addition to a home or office that raises the height of the ceiling in a rounded shape and provides a unique lighting source. They often feature a ceiling fan in the center and can be controlled with basic switches on the wall. Dome ceilings are generally installed in kitchens, but they work well in other large residential rooms and commercial spaces.

They’re not just about visual appeal, however. The lighting provided by the large dome ceiling, usually energy-saving fluorescent lights, illuminate the entire area of the dome and spreads the light out evenly around the room. This provides amazing light diffusion and makes it a very practical choice for a home or office.

Generally, the frame of a dome ceiling is build with solid wood moldings or aluminum. Both can be customized to match the colors in the home or office space where the dome ceiling is located.

Dome ceilings can be controlled in different ways, depending on what you prefer. While you can choose to simply turn the lights on and off, you can also choose to take it to the next level with dimmer lights. The fan will have a separate switch, sometimes featuring a slider that lets you control the fan speed without having to reach the fan; this is important because usually a fan installed within a dome ceiling will be too high to reach without a ladder.

Dome ceilings are eye-catching, practical, and they actually increase the size of any room in which they are installed because the addition will raise the height of the ceiling in that area. On top of making the room feel bigger, they offer circulating air and provide perfect lighting for cooking, working, or basic living.